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Hey everyone! First and foremost, this is a feature for my favorite of the ten thousand accumulated notifications I have that I need to look through (okay, it's more like 92, but still). I've been meaning to glance through them for some time now, but things seem to keep coming up. Classes starting, moving back to school, dealing with a sick roomie, it all takes up some time. But that's no excuse! Not for ignoring my notifications nor never posting anything new. I'll try to get the ball rolling again soon, especially because I gained a bunch of new watchers recently and I don't want to disappoint them. c: 

(by the way - hi y'all! i'm happy to have you here. :hug:)

Anyway, now I've got that tidbit out of the way. So here's the feature! Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did. <3

The Daily Magnet #299 by FridgePoetProject i'll miss you when i'm gone by trappedwitch after time and magical thingsi believed you, whoever you were.
flinging fictional lives
around your shoulders like a
coat worn well, it's by you
i found roots
between pages, a place
in every story.
a throne, a bed, a ship, a hammer,
a home.
tell us one more, don't go.
the world is weeping words,
memory-tears of you, for you.
villain, lover, in between,
voice of velvet heart of gold
you are our prince.
silver deer slip through the wood,
stars who lost their way
searching for your heartbeat.
dogeared books can be reread,
but a life is only once
and you touched more lives
than any bit of ink or paper
ever could because
you made magic real
forever, and
:thumb583977745: broken heart syndrome.i was born in a december that was
no more mine than the snow or the
sky was, the stars would glint like street
-lights dancing in shards over black ice, i
held my mother’s hand.
my first kiss was at midnight new years
eve, and january slipped off its overcoat
as it stepped in the door, i thought it
would be the shortest month but it was
the longest, lingering still on the edges of
every other heartbreak (nothing hurts like
the first).
february with all her pretty smiles, with all
her quiet tragedies, i tucked my cat’s death
in the corners of a leap day spent crying,
folded my parent’s divorce in the fortnights
sleepwalking without dreaming, february has
become a phobia.
the winter breathed its last as depression
blossomed from frostbitten soil, i still wish
i knew what spring meant but march has
left my fields fallow.
april showers poured down on a world
outside our windows, we kissed on the
sofa and we closed the curtains thinking
we were waterproof, but i wasn
[cut short]-this, where the sun dives into the other
 world, is where they made their
 enclave-promise; and she
 into the ground, her sugar-
 melt skeleton, glowing only
 for a moment, decomposing
 before his eyes, twisted.
 shivering, into a memoir calamity-
The Daily Magnet #300 by FridgePoetProject if at first you don't succeed, try try again you razed my mind
into a wasteland of souls
all dampness and haze
conspiring against the colors
faded into porcelain irises
ghostlight and feather dust
bone shavings
i only wanted to be remembered
[parasitic, growth]-like a
 covered in frozen moss,
 shimmering under the guise of water;
 moths drawn, drunk, dying
 within your unfortunate idea of
 affection - a hold that was never
 meant to last for more than an
[you should
 let her
sully's a druggie but he isn't a monsterhouston has
a problem with me
because i want everything
that does not belong to me
i cried for four hours three
days ago; i just replayed everything
and over
and over
and over
and over
because you are the
yin to my yang and i
know that i'm lodged in
your head still like the lipstick
that you can't scrub out of the cracks
in lips so fucking sour and now i know
that i wasn't alone
i was your cosmonaut
and you were the galaxy that i traversed in
you know every word to my
songs— the tip-toeing of lyrics
and beats and i don't know why
you want to buy me an rv when
we graduate i'm not yours i don't
think but i never know
sometimes i lay in bed looking like
a corpse out of a movie scene and i
listen to sir sly on repeat without
formal punctuation
sometimes i lay in bed and
i remember the converse i wore to
school in fifth grade for about two
weeks; i heard that monsters' favorite
shoe brand is /ˈkɒnvərs/.
/kənˈvərs/ with them like two
friends meeting e


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"I have pretended to go mad in order to tell you the things I need to. I call it art. Because art is the word we give to our feelings made public. And art doesn’t worry anyone.”
- pleasefindthis, I Wrote This for You

To all my Watchers:
I don't normally say thanks for faving to you guys because usually the people who favorite my stuff favorite a lot of my stuff, and I don't want to spam you guys with "THANK YOU" all over your comments section. xD

I have a side account here: :iconwings191:. I don't put a whole lot up on it, but once in a while something'll get posted. c:

**Anything that I happen to put up on this website, be it poetry, photography, or drawings, is copyright to me. Don't steal it and cause yourself trouble.**


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